In the fall of 2014 Destination America will bring you an epic reality series which follows three ordinary people as they step away from their daily lives to embark on an adventure that will put them in their dream job of being Outdoor TV hosts. A must watch for hunters and non-hunters alike this emotion packed reality show will introduce you to the cast with a look at why they were deserving of the chance to answer their calling.

Season one features a hunting mom/model from North Carolina, a decorated army veteran from Texas, and a firefighter/medic from Florida. You will also follow them through an exhausting week of hunting on camera with some of Outdoor TV's biggest names while trying to prove that they have what it takes to be a star. As a viewer you will have the opportunity to interact with them through social media and visit The Callings web site where you will have a chance to win prizes while voting for your favorite person and entering yourself in the casting call for season two. There will also be live casting calls around the country at select retailers and outdoor consumer shows. Don't miss Outdoor TV's biggest event of 2014 only on Destination America!